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Film Training


Each film training or video training client begins the enrollment process with an interview that lasts about an hour. We can do these face to face or via phone calls or video chat. We charge $95 for this meeting (and we refund it if you enroll). During this time we will define goals and begin to map out the program, modifying our existing syllabus, adding units, etc.

The cost for the programs - We work on an hourly basis with all clients. The rate is $125/hour with a four-hour minimum per session. Every client has different needs, but we find most people are in the program between four and ten sessions. At the time of enrollment you will be given a contract that very specifically outlines the program that has been individually designed for you.

The Two on One package - You are welcome to go through the program with a partner. The cost for the second person is half that of the first. These sessions must be done together and we have very rigid scheduling guidelines for this, so be sure to contact us if you are interested.

We offer consulting services outside the scope of the above structure. Please contact us for a quote if you have specific needs for a particular project.

Tithing - One on One donates ten percent of its income to organizations that we believe do good work in the world.

Scholarships - One on One allocates five percent of its income to a scholarship fund. Please contact us for more information on applying for a scholarship or donating to the scholarship fund.

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